Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seth has been gone for over two weeks. I am so ready for him to come home. Aubrey is has been acting up these last few days, and i think she's really missing her Dad. I think our lawn and fish tank and a few other neglected things are ready for him to come home too.
Seth has been in Florida doing tests on the units he helped design for the military.
Aubrey and I went to a lot of places this past weekend. Saturday was Aisa's b-day party, and then going to Heather and Dave's house to watch Drew while they went on a date. We spent the night there, and went to church with them on Sunday. After church we went to Primary Children's Hospital for a Memorial Tribute for all their patients that have passed away this past year. It was nicely done, and a good moment for me. Some of my family came too; it was nice to have them there with Seth out of town. We went to the park after that for a picnic and back to Heather and Dave's for the night. Heather and i took the kids to the pool the next day, and we all loved it! Swimming is a nice way to work out when you're pregnant, and Aubrey was squealing the whole time. We finally came home on Tuesday, and have been just going along since; really, just surviving until Seth comes home.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

oh, yeah...Another thing we did this week was going to Diana's dance/gymnastics review. Aubrey got to play with her cousins most of the day. When Diana's class was dancing, Aubrey was crying to me that she wanted to dance with the other girls too! Also, a few days later, Aubrey wanted me to do her hair pretty like Diana's. I told her I wasn't sure if I could do it, and she said, "Well, Heather can do it!" (Heather did Diana's hair really awesome the recital night)
We also got a fish tank recently, and our black molly just had our babies. It looks like about 4 minos will survive! We have a fun and active fish tank.
Last Sunday we were finally able to get together with our friends Luke, Makayle, and their little girl Kaijsa. Kaijsa had a liver transplant, and they finally felt safe enough to take her out of the house and come have dinner and play Settler's of Catan with us. It was a nice evening.
Aubrey is still working on her potty training. We had some success with pooping in the toilet this week. Aubrey has a potty chart with 5 charts with about 30 squares in each chart. As she has success, the charts fill up with stickers, and she gets rewards. When each little chart fills up, she gets a treat: McDonald's kids meal, finger paints (bad idea), and this morning she filled up her 3rd chart. She gets to pick out any book of her choice at Barne's and Noble.
Aubrey also had success at gymnastics this week. Mom stayed after with Aubrey on the trampoline for a couple minutes to practice bouncing from your bum to her feet. She did it for the first time, five times in a row! It's a tradition to go to Grandma Sheila's after gymnastics; Aubrey likes visiting Grandma and playing with Marley.
Seth has been busy at work getting ready for a trip to Florida this coming week. He has had some late nights, but on Friday he got off work early. We took Aubrey to Discovery Gateway. I think Seth had just as much fun as Aubrey did. Aubrey liked exploring in water, the beehive ball section, and especially the helicopter. She really liked when other kids were in the helicopter with her to act out an emergency situation.
After Discovery Gateway, we dropped off Aubrey with Heather and Drew. Seth and Shannon went to Olive Garden in American Fork to have dinner with other heart angel parents. We enjoyed their company and the conversation. It was nice to be able to talk about our kids without the normal reactions of people, and just get a reaction like what I was saying was normal. We also discussed issues like being surrounded by kids the same age as what your child would've been, and answering the question, "So, How many kids do you have?" We also talked about not comparing trials; this one is really important to me. I think it's important to allow ourselves and others to experience our trials for what they are, and not say, "Well, it's not as bad as so-and-so's problems, so get over it." That's not fair to ourselves or anyone else. I have more thoughts on this that I'll share another time or on my personal blog, just not now.
Then on Saturday, we had a faily lazy day, and then rushed to get ready for our date before Aubrey's baby sitter got here. We enjoyed our dinner at Prairie Schooner (SO GOOD!) and playing pool at Fat Cat's. Now we are having an extrememly lazy Sunday; I'm not sure I like being this bored. Seth and Aubrey just went outside; there's a storm coming; oh, well. We need to enjoy this time before Seth goes to Florida on Tuesday.
One last good thing that's happened lately is we've received the inheritance money from Seth's mom's house. We no longer have any debt except our house, and look forward to having that paid off in less than 15 years! THANK YOU, LORRIE!
Life is good.