Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seth has been gone for over two weeks. I am so ready for him to come home. Aubrey is has been acting up these last few days, and i think she's really missing her Dad. I think our lawn and fish tank and a few other neglected things are ready for him to come home too.
Seth has been in Florida doing tests on the units he helped design for the military.
Aubrey and I went to a lot of places this past weekend. Saturday was Aisa's b-day party, and then going to Heather and Dave's house to watch Drew while they went on a date. We spent the night there, and went to church with them on Sunday. After church we went to Primary Children's Hospital for a Memorial Tribute for all their patients that have passed away this past year. It was nicely done, and a good moment for me. Some of my family came too; it was nice to have them there with Seth out of town. We went to the park after that for a picnic and back to Heather and Dave's for the night. Heather and i took the kids to the pool the next day, and we all loved it! Swimming is a nice way to work out when you're pregnant, and Aubrey was squealing the whole time. We finally came home on Tuesday, and have been just going along since; really, just surviving until Seth comes home.

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