Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Plans

This summer I want to keep busy. We need to get the baby's room ready for Sam, and figure out what to do with Charlie's things. That will also entail finishing photo albums and keepsakes for Aubrey. Aubrey will start a summer pre-school program, continue with gymnastics, and have swimming in August. Seth and I are trying to eat less and exercise. I got a pass to the pool and am trying to go on walks.

As for summer vacations, we're not doing very much. We might be going to Vegas at the end of June. Aliza has a show she is in, and the family is going to watch her. I really want to go somewhere for Charlie's angel-day; I don't want to just hang around the house. I hope we plan something nice.

We have also planned a trip to Bear Lake with Darren D'Orlando's family and Eric Bullock's family. We are looking for ward to that in July.

My piano students are doing "summer olympics." They have different "events" to earn points, and if they can get to 500 points by the end of the summer, they earn a $50 gift certificate to the mall for school clothes. Hopefully this goes well, and they work hard through the summer.

We have also started a reading program with Aubrey. We were inspired by the "Your Baby Can Read" program. Since Aubrey is not a baby anymore, their videos were not very interesting to her, and the program is expensive. We decided to make our own videos with Aubrey as the star! She enjoys making the vidoes, and is excited to learn how to read. Some days she does very well, and some days she still gets distracted easily. It's okay if this doesn't work, but I want to give it a good effort; it doesn't hurt to try.

Seth has always enjoyed gardening, but he has taken an interest to square-goot gardening. This is our first year really planting anything, and I don't know how successful we'll be this first year, but we're working on it, and looking forward to our fall harvest.

So all-in-all it's not an extremely exciting summer planned, but it will be a little busier than usual. Hopefully, the time will fly by, we'll get everything done we were hoping to do, and baby Sam will be here before we know it!

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Four the Boys...Tami said...

We will be in Bear Lake almost EVERY weekend in July! Where are you staying? If you want to sneak off and meet for a shake, I would love that! Let me know!
Thatchers mom