Sunday, July 26, 2009

These last couple of weeks Seth has been traveling. He went to Texas for about a week, and just left to go to Georgia for a day.
Aubrey has been busy with preschool and gymnastics. The summer preschool program did fun arts and crafts. It was a good way to prepare Aubrey for preschool in the fall.
Shannon made an attempt to put some things in a yard sale with a friend. The whole thing was a miserable flop! I lost more money than I made! The only thing that sold was some of Aubrey's old toys that belonged in the trash! Oh, well. Never do that again! Anything of value can be sold online, kids things can go to kid-to-kid, and everything else can go to DI from NOW ON!
For my 25th birthday, mom came to help with Aubrey and shop. I got a good nap, taught piano lessons, and went out to dinner with Seth and Aubrey to Corbin's. We came home, and put Aubrey to bed. Seth gave me a cd, and was trying to get the printer to work to print off a massage gift receipt. Then we were going to spend the evening relaxing and watching a movie. Instead, a World Financial Group guy from our ward stopped by to talk to us for 20 minutes. For some stupid reason we said, okay. Seth mentioned to him that it was my birthday. He wished me a happy birthday and talked to us for two hours! There went our evening together. Oh well.
On pioneer day, aubrey went with Mike and Sheila Browning to the parade in Salt Lake. SHe loved it. Seth put up storage in the garage and rearranged that. In the afternoon with met up with Kami and Eric Bullock and hung out with them.
Saturday 25th, we went to pioneer village with Grandparents Mike and Terry Martin. Aubrey got a horse ride and did crafts. She also did pretty good in a watermelon eating contest! Then everyone went out to dinner at Chuck-a-rama and opened presents for all July b-days.
It was a good day, but Shannon was sick with Aubrey's cold. Shannon and Aubrey are still sick, but it doesn't seem to affect Aubrey as much; she always has so much energy!

Aubrey Fixing Daddy's Spots

This happened about a month ago, but I still wanted to get it down.
One day, Aubrey noticed the spots on Daddy's legs where he's lost the pigment. She told him that he needed to wash his legs. Seth decided to let her see if that would fix the problem. He let her get a cloth and soap and scrub his legs. After a while, she decided that didn't work. "What should we do?" Seth asked. "You need, lotion," said Aubrey. "Okay, let's try that," said Seth. Aubrey rubbed Daddy's legs with lotion. After a while, Aubrey decided that that didn't work either. "What should we do?" Asked Seth. "You just need need new legs, Dad!" Aubrey is so smart!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July and Bear Lake

On the 4th we went to Evanston to see family and fireworks. Before we left, I remembered that I had to bring a jello salad. I quickly looked online for a recipe, found something that was a little time consuming but simple, and rushed to the store for ingredients. It turned out awesome! It was a complete rainbow jello and everyone raved about it! It was a huge hit!
Visiting was fun, and then we went up on a hill to see the fireworks. All of Evanston was lighting off fireworks! It was amazing! There was a family at the bottom of the hill from us that had a lot of big fireworks that exploded right in front of us--awesome view! Then the city lit off their show just a few hundred yards from where we were sitting! Once they did their finale, then the whole town really got going, and tried to one-up the city show! It was crazy! So far, Boston has been the best firework show in regards to latest technology, but Evanston, WY takes the cake for firework craziness!
The next week on the 9th we headed out to Bear Lake. We met Darren and Eric's families in Logan, played at the park a bit, and continued to the lake. Our condo was bigger than we thought, so everyone was happy about that. The kids jumped right in to playing with each other.
On Friday we played on the beach and got a boat ride. The water was really high this year from all the rain; it came right up to the weeds and covered all the sand! We still had fun. Shauna's Mom and Dad, Nancy and Gary, brought their boat down from Idaho for us. Seth went out with Darren to wakeboard. Then Eric's family, Aubrey and I went on the boat with Gary for a little ride. Aubrey said she wanted to drive, and Gary let her! Of course she just turned the wheel and honked the horn, but she loved it!
The next day I wanted to ski, but the boat died! It was so sad! I was hoping I could say I went skiing while i was pregnant... oh well. I hope they are able to fix it. We were so grateful to Nancy and Gary for bringing it down for us.
Of course we stayed up way too late every night talking, but it was worth it, and again a really good vacation. It's such a miracle to have these amazing people in our lives that we love and know we can count on for anything.

Vegas Trip

Vegas was very fun and just what I needed that week. It was Charlie's Angel-Day week, and I really wanted to leave town. We spent some time at the cemetary the Monday before to spend some time remembering our baby.
On Wednesday we drove to Vegas. On the way we made a stop at a bronzing place in Lehi to bronze the figures of Charlie's hands. They should be done in a couple more weeks. We also stopped in Provo so Aubrey could play at the park, and a stop in Cedar City so Aubrey could play at McDonald's. You'd think that would make her tired, but she didn't sleep until about 10pm when we were rolling into Vegas!
Debbie hooked us up with a killer deal at the Marriott for $45 a night! It was a suite with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath! Thank goodness for connections!
Thursday we went to the Secret Garden to see dolphins, white tigers and lions. Aubrey really liked that. We also made a couple stops to see some free shows. It was a lot of walking, really hot, and exhausting!
That night Steve picked up Aubrey from our hotel on his way home from work. That left Seth and I free to see the Blue Man Group. We got a "deal" at $80 a ticket, but were extremely disappointed at the caliber of this Vegas show. It was a clean family show, but we were expecting a lot of percussion on things that weren't necessarily instruments, and a lot of fun. It turned out to be more of a lame comedy show with a little bit of talentless percussion segments. Oh well. Seth and I always like being together anyway; at least it was good company.
Friday we went to an old Vegas western town with a petting zoo. There was a little show in the town of a robber robbin' the bank and got hung! Of course, Aubrey loved the animals. She found a little friend there her age, and they had a good time together.
We came back to the Marriott and went swimming. Everyone at the pool loved Aubrey. One lady cheered every time Aubrey jumped in the pool. Another couple let her use one of there noodle-floaties and were going to let her keep it! Another man said he was a swim teacher, and was so excited to give Aubrey her first swim lessons! She made so much progress in the pool that day! She put her face in the water on her own, learned monkey-tree-rocket ship, and was treading water (doggy paddle) stronger than ever! We were so proud!
Friday was also Charlie's angel day, but I was glad we were busy having fun, and only thought of it for a brief moment at the petting zoo when Aubrey's friend's mom asked if Aubrey was my only child. I realized at that moment what day it was. The moment passed, and we went on having fun.
Saturday we met up with Carol's family, Steve's family, and Mom and Mike. We played at a park and went swimming again.
Sunday we went to church, and Seth started driving home to be back for work on Monday. Aubrey and I relaxed at Steve's house.
Monday we went to the chocolate factory. It was fun to see the factory, but I was not impressed with their chocolate and even less impressed with the price. I bought some m&m's. That night we went to Aliza's show "Seusical the Musical Jr." She had a pretty big part for such a young girl. I was so impressed with the talent of these kids! They all sang on pitch and were completely in character the whole time! Aubrey was getting tired, but I loved the show!
After that Aubrey and I got in the motor home with Mom and Mike and drove home.
Vegas was really HOT, but we had a good time, and I was so glad everything turned out the way it did.