Sunday, July 26, 2009

These last couple of weeks Seth has been traveling. He went to Texas for about a week, and just left to go to Georgia for a day.
Aubrey has been busy with preschool and gymnastics. The summer preschool program did fun arts and crafts. It was a good way to prepare Aubrey for preschool in the fall.
Shannon made an attempt to put some things in a yard sale with a friend. The whole thing was a miserable flop! I lost more money than I made! The only thing that sold was some of Aubrey's old toys that belonged in the trash! Oh, well. Never do that again! Anything of value can be sold online, kids things can go to kid-to-kid, and everything else can go to DI from NOW ON!
For my 25th birthday, mom came to help with Aubrey and shop. I got a good nap, taught piano lessons, and went out to dinner with Seth and Aubrey to Corbin's. We came home, and put Aubrey to bed. Seth gave me a cd, and was trying to get the printer to work to print off a massage gift receipt. Then we were going to spend the evening relaxing and watching a movie. Instead, a World Financial Group guy from our ward stopped by to talk to us for 20 minutes. For some stupid reason we said, okay. Seth mentioned to him that it was my birthday. He wished me a happy birthday and talked to us for two hours! There went our evening together. Oh well.
On pioneer day, aubrey went with Mike and Sheila Browning to the parade in Salt Lake. SHe loved it. Seth put up storage in the garage and rearranged that. In the afternoon with met up with Kami and Eric Bullock and hung out with them.
Saturday 25th, we went to pioneer village with Grandparents Mike and Terry Martin. Aubrey got a horse ride and did crafts. She also did pretty good in a watermelon eating contest! Then everyone went out to dinner at Chuck-a-rama and opened presents for all July b-days.
It was a good day, but Shannon was sick with Aubrey's cold. Shannon and Aubrey are still sick, but it doesn't seem to affect Aubrey as much; she always has so much energy!

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