Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 Cute Same THings

1. When Sam wants to move FAST, he gets in crawling postition, puts his head down, and then ZOOM! I think the head down makes him more aerodynamic!
2. When I put him down for naps and bed, he wants to be there. I loves his nap times. His favorite is when I put the blankets on him. I lift the blanket, and let it fall so there is a 'whooph' of air across his face. He loves it, and grabs at the blanket. He always go to sleep and wakes up HAPPY! Mostly, he is always happy unless he is hungry or needs a diaper change. Such an easy baby!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Let's see if I can get a few things updated.
Shannon Sinclair (my cousin) was living with us for a while. From about Feb or March and officially moved back to California in August. We had some good times together, and Aubrey still talks about her being a part of our family. She came back at the end of August to see a friend's wedding and treat me to a John Mayor concert--which was amazing! We had a great time together!
Aubrey started preschool, ballet, and tumbling. Her preschool teacher is great, and I try to do some work with her on Tues. and Thurs. Ballet doesn't seem to be her thing, it's a little awkward, and she seems to be more of a gymnast to me. But lately she has been putting on leotards and skirts when pretty music is on the radio or a movie and dances around the living room. It's so cute! It's nice when she gets in touch with her feminine side. Ballet classes will help her technique in gymnastics too. She is always trying to do cartwheels, handstands, and jump off of things, etc. Aubrey also just filled up a reading chart. She got stickers for reading her BOB scholastic books each night, and earned pizza for the whole family that we'll eat tonight.
Yesturday, on our car ride to preschool, Aubrey said, "Mom I had a tummy ache this morning. it's gone now. I prayed to Heavenly Father. I pray to Him every day." It was so sweet! I love moments like this when you realize you must be doing something right! I tried to really take advantage of the moment, and talk to her about doing the right thing, and Heavenly Father is always really happy to hear from her and stuff. She also picks up trash in random places sometimes and throws it away. She's learning that it feels good to do the right thing.
Last Monday was Charlie's 3rd Birthday. We didn't do much. We just bout some donuts and went to the cemetery. We sat next to Charlie's grave and ate our donuts. Sam had one too. Sam kept trying to crawl to the graves that had balloons. Aubrey leaned over to Charlie's grave and whispered to him. I over heard her saying things like, "We want you to come alive again, Charlie. You could come alive for your birthday.... Our phone number is (801) 719-2965." (She is really proud that she just memorized her phone number). I said, "that's good Aubrey! That way Charlie will know how to contact us!" "yep." Then Aubrey ran to the Jesus statue (a tradition now I think). She noticed that Jesus is praying. "what do you think he is praying for, Aubrey?" "That all these people will come alive again." Our time there was nice. We just enjoyed being together.
Sam took his first steps the other day! Well, I guess it's been almost a week. He still prefers to crawl. He can stand on his own and take a few steps, but that's all he feels like doing. He such a happy little guy. His laugh is so funny, it doesn't sound much like a laugh....hmmm can't explain it... but it's funny. You just know he's laughing cuz he's smiling. :) He is also saying Da-Da when Daddy walks in the room, Ma-Ma when he's sad, hungry or needs me, uh-oh which is so cute, and sometimes we think he's saying things, but we're not sure.
My uncle Darrell got married to Twila on Sunday. Aubrey drew a picture for the bride. It was simple, out doors and a pot luck. Just nice.
I've been working on a piano recital. All the music is from a book that combines classical and Christmas music. I love the music, and practice about an hour every day, so I can perform a 30 min. recital for family and friends on Nov. 30th. It should be nice. I hope it goes well; I'm really excited, and I really feel that Heavenly Father is on my side and wants me to do this and have it go well too.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sam's Post

I turned one. My party kept getting moved. We had to wait for Grandma Terry to get back from Hawaii. Then my doctor wanted mom to test me to see if I was lactose intolerant. Mom didn't want to, but did it anyway to prove to the doctor that I was. Mom gave me 1/2oz of milk in my bottles for one day. I had diarrhea for two weeks. I also was throwing up. Aubrey and Daddy started throwing up too. So we moved the party from Saturday morning to Sunday night. It still turned out nice. The weather was perfect, the family came, and we had breakfast for dinner. I still didn't feel like eating; I was still recovering from the lactose and sickness. I didn't eat my birthday muffin. I loved my singing birthday balloons. I got lots of cars for my birthday--thank goodness!

I'm trying to say mom and dad and uh-oh. I used to sign please and nod yes, but not anymore.
Mom and Dad got me a rolli-pop for my birthday, because it said that it "develops early engineering sense." I don't know about that, but I like to play with it a lot.
I probably could walk if I wanted to, but I don't want to yet. I will if I can hold on to something, but I will not take a step on my own otherwise.
I like to grunt and growl a lot.
I like my routine and come to mom when it's time for a nap.
I love my sister, mom and dad. I smile when they come in my room, and I LOVE to play with them.
I play peek-a-boo every time I get a diaper change.

Aubrey's Post

I started preschool yesterday. My teacher's name is Miss Dani. I had a weird dream last night. I saw a weird pokey hand, but then the horsey found it. I keep thinking about it. A new friend moved in down the street. Her name is Brailey. We play together about once a week. I play with Esme a lot too, and Jeffrey.
I found a nice dream that a pony would fly over a rainbow, and me. The horsies jump over anything, and they have rainbows. They can catch rainbows too, that's how they have the colors. They are called Rainbow-Dash. And They love to jump all on rainbows and slide on rainbows. And it's almost Christmas. And they jump over the moon, and the snow too.
I love butterflies very much.
I love all the animals, but except monkeys. Monkeys make big messes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gratitude for Bodies

One day I was running with my running group i the morning. We were talking about how frustrating it was that we ran as much as we did, and still had cellulite on the back of our legs, and flab here and there. Emily Chapman pointed out, "You know, I'm just grateful to have a body that can run. Every day, before I go running, I thank God that I have this body, and that I'm grateful for it's abilities. I don't want to have to learn the hard way to be grateful for my body." She taught me a great lesson that day. I lesson I knew, but needed to be reminded of. I hope I never complain about cellulite or stretch-marks again. I'm so grateful that my body is capable of so many things, and so many more things that I can train and condition it to do. I try to run a lot, today I'll do a work-out video, two days ago I rode my bike, I'm playing the piano every day for a piano recital I want to play in November, I can take care of my kids, love my husband, smell, see (even better with my glasses on!), touch, taste, hear. I can do thousands/millions of things with little or no effort at all. My body heals itself! I can create another human! I can create beauty. Wow, I could go on, but the point is, our bodies are amazing gifts. I am so grateful.


Here's more detail on those past events:
Stephanie's wedding-- Steph married David Milner. He seems very nice. On Facebook, she always posts how happy she is. They had a luncheon at a bbq place that was nice, and we tried to take some video and pics for her. The kids wanted to run around the restaurant a lot which was hard, but the employees there were very kind, and didn't seem to mind. We still tried our best to keep them entertained and quiet while people gave their thoughts and toasts for the wedding. After that, Seth and I went to the temple to make sure Shannon could get in without her temple recommend in hand. That seemed to happen a lot that day with all the weddings going on. It wasn't too much trouble to get the clearance I needed, but I hat bothering the bishop for things like that. Then we went to a neary-by park, and the kids played. Aubrey played with Diana, Becka, Caitlyn, and Drew. I talked with Debbie who was starting to look pregnant! We went back to the temple for the sealing. Ronda watched the kids for us. It's always nice to go to things like that. We took pics after, and We went back to the park to celebrate with them. It was very simple and cute. We danced a little on the tennis court, they had drinks, lots of different kinds of cake, pictures around, and it was just nice.
Debbie's sealing--I know this event was a little over a year ago, but my thoughts went to it. Sam was just 6 days old, so I went through a lot of effort to make sure he was all taken care of before I went up to the sealing room. I was thinking more about being Sam's mom and random thoughts that were not temple related at all. Debbie and Christian came in, and to me, Christian was starting to look like a man for the first time. He seemed so ready to take on the responsibilities being put on his shoulders. Debbie was beaming and crying. I got the nerve to get her a box of tissues in the middle of the sealer's speech. He knew them very well, and it was really nice. There was a point when he asked them if there was anyone that was their main motivation to come to the temple. The both said, "A lot of people," but then Debbie reminded me (all of us) that Dad was there that day. He promised to be at all of our sealings. It was an amazing feeling to KNOW that Dad was there. There are times when I hope Dad is with me, but it's different to know for sure. It felt so good. Then I realized that Ronda's wedding could be the last time that I will be able to know for sure that Dad is in the same room as me. It was a bitter-sweet thougtht.
Ben's wedding--We only had a few days after steph's wedding to pack up and get the family to MA. Seth always has a hard time flying, let alone with kids, but we had enough activities planned for them, that I thought it went really well. Autumn and Allison picked us up. I tried to talk to Allison, but Autumn kept answering for her. It was funny when I pointed it out. We ate dinner together, and we stayed at the hotel. Aubrey likes staying in hotels; she always asks if we can move, so we can stay at a hotel, I think she means to go on a vacation. We drove out to cape cod, and got Seth's suit rental on the way, paying and unexpected $200 for the rental. OH well. Then we drove out to this gorgeous location. There was a huge half-circle of grass in front of a large beautiful building that gave the feeling of a very glorified light house. Mandatory parking; which to us was funny with the jeep we were borrowing from Autumn-- it was anything but the nicest car on the lot! I think the guys that worked there appreciated that :) We were there for the rehearsal on Friday. We went to the balcony where the coctail party was going to be--beautiful view of the ocean, very open and classy. We walked past all the tennis courts, and on a boardwalk through some trees that opened up to the beach. They had a quick rehearsal, and then we moved on to the tip of the cape for the rehearsal dinner. There were rainbow flags along the way, and a gay-wedding party next to ours. It wasn't really offensively in our face, so we weren't really bothered by any of it. It was a gorgeous setting with the moon coming up, and the sun going down, and the sunset, the breeze, uh, everything was beautiful! The kids (Aubrey, Autumn's kids, and a couple kids from the other party) played on the beach, of course. We enjoyed some good food, and then headed to the hotel when it got a little too cold and late. We didn't get to visit too much cuz we were watching kids most of the time. AT least, I let Seth visit while I watched the kids, which was fine.
We stayed at a marriott and emily and autumn stayed there too. We swam together in the morning, and there was a grassy area where the kids played together too. We went out to the wedding in the evening. Seth was in the wedding party. We had to wait while one wedding finished before we could go to the beach. They gifted water, bubbles, flip-flops, and fans with the program on it. There was a live string-quartet that played as they walked down the aisle (which could've used a little more training from the wedding planner). The canopy was beautiful and we faced the beach, of course. They had a nice preacher, and Julianne looked gorgeous! Aubrey asked if Daddy was getting married! After the ceremony, we tried to take picures, but the bugs from the seaweed everywhere were so horrible! Aubrey was screaming that they were eating her, and looking at her arms afterward, they really were! She had scabs on her arms the whole trip we were there from that! AFter serviving he knats, we went to the balcony for the cocktail party. Seth stayed with the bridal party for pics, so I tried to carry Sam, and the diaper bag, and watch Aubrey at the same time. Some of Juliane's family helped. We weren't on the balcony long, before it started to rain. We moved down to the ballroom, picked up our sand dollar with our seating assignment with it. We sat with Autumns family, and asked a couple times to get the alcohol off the table. The kids danced until the wedding party came in. The toasts were nice, Ben danced with Emily, and then Ben and Julianne thanked each table for coming while they ate their dinner-- very nice. Seth and I had a great time dancing. We didn't mean to clear the floor, but that seemed to happen. We got quite a gasp from the crowd when I did a backflip over Seth's shoulder! Ha! After a while, we needed to get the kids to bed, so we left, and left a salutation on the wedding video.
The next day we spent a couple hours on the beach with the Waterman side of the family. Ron and Tiger are going to come visit us next spring. Cynthia seemed really happy to see us, and I tlaked about education with her. Aubrey saw a couple crabs, and we saw some neat things in the water. She played a lot in the sand, and Sam like the sand alot too.
Then we drove to grammy and papa's house.
2-week trip in MA, Aubrey swim lessons, Sam going down stairs and starting to say Da-da and ma-ma, Aubrey pinched by crab and stepped on nail, Seth drama at work, Sam loves the water, Aubrey loves to give, neighborhood bbq, Henry blessing, family coming next week. I'm sure there's more, but I gotta take care of the kiddos now.
Labor Day weekend, play-dates and new friends, stay in house or move, gratitude, Craig and Shirley back, Aubrey back to school, Sam's birthday and lactose intolerance,

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hurt tail bone

I was getting ready for visiting teaching. I started down the stairs to tell Aubrey to get dressed. My heel slipped and both feet went in the air. I came crashing down on my tail bone and couldn't move for a minute. Sam cried, I think, because he saw me fall and get hurt. I tried to comfort him as I recovered. I went visiting teaching anyway, but it sure did hurt. My partner, Sarah Flint took Aubrey after that, and I put Sam down for a nap. I rested for an hour or so, and Seth came home to get me lunch, and help me get situated to spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch. I took 800mg of ib profen, and have been icing and heating it. It still hurts, but not nearly as bad as it did a few hours ago. I'm not sure if that is a good sign, or if I am just bennefitting from the pain meds. Luckily the kids are being really good, and Sam just went down for another nap.

I noticed that in an earlier post I talked about Sam's red poop; turns out, that was due to the anti-biotics he was on. He had pink eye and ear infections for weeks, and finally gave me this different type of antibiotics, and forgot to tell me that red stools was a common side effect. Regardless, he still pooped out the polly pocket shoe!

Aubrey's Entry

I like Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is my very best friend that always makes rainbows. She exercises a lot. Anorhia is my other friend. She is kinda bad, but she loves counting. (Anoria has been Aubrey's imaginary friend for a long time. A lot of times when Aubrey does bad, she blames it on Anoria). She also exercises a lot.
I love to do this and that (Aubrey being silly. She is a pretty silly girl).
I like cranberries (really?).
I spell Rainbow Dash A-L-L-A-L-L-A.
I spell Sam S-A-M.

Mom: Sam always whines and climbs on mom when he needs a diaper change. Time for a break.

I love Sam, and I tug and play with him. And I love to come and wake him up when it's time. I play with him and make him happy. And I tell mom and dad.

I like to learn about that things are bad and good. I love brother and sister. That's all I want to say.

Friday, July 16, 2010

So much has happened!

Later I need to give more detail, but here's a list of events to at least start.
Stephanie's wedding, Ben's wedding, 2-week trip in MA, Aubrey swim lessons, Sam going down stairs and starting to say Da-da and ma-ma, Aubrey pinched by crab and stepped on nail, Seth drama at work, Sam loves the water, Aubrey loves to give, neighborhood bbq, Henry blessing, family coming next week. I'm sure there's more, but I gotta take care of the kiddos now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lately Aubrey has been in to writing on her own. She usually doesn't ask for help, she just sounds it out. Yesturday she spelled watermelon "wodmelon" not bad.
Sam has had red poops lately. After quite a few brick-colored or purple poops, I decided that if I got one more I would call the doc about it. The next diaper had a polly-pocket shoe in it! Poor baby! It's so hard to keep everything out of his mouth. He'll eat the hair off the floor! Aubrey has only one polly-pocket set, but I think it will just not be allowed for a while.
Yesturday Aubrey played with her friend, Elise. We went to the castle park. It threatened to rain the whole time, but didn't even start to sprinkle until I was getting the last kid buckled in--good timing! The girls got along until their demanding personalities came out. they are a lot alike: mature for their age, smart, strong willed, etc. Sometimes they get along, and sometimes they clash.
Aubrey has a new neighborhood friend, Esme. Aubrey calls her "Esime" and Esme calls Aubrey "Aubway." They play together really well and are so cute together.
Lately, Seth has taken extra notice of the hard work I do. It makes me want to work harder, so I'm even more deserving of his praise. Last night, he thought I deserved a massage. It was great! He even put on relaxing sounds from the alarm settings in our room and dimmed the lights. So sweet!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sheila's Birthday

Last night we went to Rodillio's Grill for Sheila's birthday. Aubrey and Sam stayed with our babysitter, Anne. We had a good time, and the highlight was Sheila playing the drum when they sang her "happy birthday." She was so into it! We gave her free yard work. We'll try to do it before we go to MA.
This weekend Aubrey gets to sleep at Grandma Sheila's house Friday night, and we'll drop off Sam Saturday morning. She'll watch them while we go to a homeschooling convention. Both Aubrey and Sheila really like grandparent weekend.

Aubrey's Rocks

Not only does Aubrey have a rock collection, but I've realized something else recently. Right now, I am her rock. When she was about two years old, she really made me feel like she didn't need me. I dropped her off places, she'd say, "Bye, Mom!" and just walk on inside. When it was time to get her, she would hide and not want to come home. This happened for church nursery, and play dates, and all the times she was dropped off when I had to visit Charlie in ICU. I started to think that she was just so independent that she didn't really care if I was there. Of course, I always would be there, but even at two, she didn't need it. Lately I've been noticing how much she really does need me.
At the beginning of her pre-school year, there was a day when I was late picking her up. Aubrey was so sad. "Mommy, did you forget me?" I felt so bad! I tried really hard not to be late again. Lately, when I go to relief society meetings (which we now call them) she really has a hard time when I leave without her. She's told me that she doesn't like it when I go to church without her or really, anywhere without her. That mommy should just stay home and has to always be home or she needs to be coming with me. I try to tell her that just like she likes to go to her friends house, I like to go places too. I don't always go with her, and she doesn't always come with me. She doesn't like it though.
Yesturday she asked me if I'm going to go to work. I asked her if she wanted me to. "No. You need to stay home."
I've realized that Aubrey is a very strong independent girl. But she can't be that girl without her foundation at home. Someday she will be strong on her own, but today, we'll be the rock together.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Henry

On thursday last week, we went to play with Drew, but Heather was never admitted into the hospital. On Friday morning she was admitted. We went down to play with Drew and get a gift for the baby. Grandma Terry videoed the event while I stayed with the kids. Heather didn't tell anyone the name she decided on until after he was born. Henry Farrell Jones. I love it! He's adorable, and I'm excited to have nephew #5! He's close in age to Sam, so hopefully they'll play and be friends.
All the time I think, "I need to write this down!" and then I just can't get to it. Here's some real quick things before Sam wakes up.
In Feb. We had a special candle-lit family dinner with lasagna. It was fun. For Aubrey's 4th birthday, we had a swimming party at Clearfield Aquatic Center. It was a lot of fun with family and friends, but somehow I need to make parties cheaper and more affordable. I feel like I can't leave anybody out, and then it just gets too big. Aubrey loved it though. We played Hannah Montana music (her favorite of the time), ate pizza, opened presents, cake, and swam. Very fun.
My cousin, Shannon, has been living with us and will for a few more months. She saving money for college and getting Utah residency. She is helpful with the kids and cleaning a lot of times. It's been nice to have her.
In march, We went to a Mitt Romney book signing. It think I might've already talked about it. We're still working on finishing the book, but it gives us some good insight to what the country should be focused on at this time in order to stay powerful. With pres. Obama, it's made for some really scary times.
Seth isn't quite as happy at his job lately. There are still a lot of perks and good things about it. For the most part, he likes what he does, the pay is decent, and the benefits are good. Sometimes they work him extra hard or he doesn't feel like he's being treated right or that his work is important. On those days, he doesn't like it. Over-all, he's happy to have a job (since so many don't have one these days) and he'll be fine if he stays at JBT. On the other hand, he's going to be putting out resumes to see if there are other opportunities available to him now that he's had five years experience at the same place.
Seth is also due to have a new baby sister in November. It's kind of an awkward thought; his father just turned 60 and his wife, Jing, is 40. We certainly hope we aren't having kids at that age, but this seems to be what Glen (aka George, Seth's dad) wants, so we are happy for him.
Aubrey of course loves her play-dates as usual. I started to think that maybe we should have fewer play-dates and be home more. Now that's it's summer time and everyone wants to get out, is a bad time to have fewer play-dates. A new family moved on the street, the Cavanahs. Esme is probably going to be Aubrey's new friend. they play together really well, and I really like Hailey, the mom. Aubrey had her first kiss a few weeks ago. A neighborhood boy, Nathan, that is living with Kami and her sons, wanted to kiss Aubrey. After playing at their house for less than an hour, I went to get her. Luckily we have open communication at this point in her life and she said, "Mom! We were kissing... on the lips!" She thought it was so funny and cute. I didn't know what to think! Oh-my-word! Do we honestly have to have this talk already!? I told her that kissing was for mommy's and daddy's, and I didn't want her to worry about kissing for a LONG time! Then Seth, Shannon and I all talked to her about doing the right thing, even when friends want you to do a bad thing. We also talked aobut private parts, and no one touching you or seeing those parts, and always telling mommy, and that she did the right thing by telling me what happened. It was a good talk. I don't think it was over-board because I really don't have a good feeling about Nathan's dad who is living with Kami. Aubrey is not allowed to play over there any more, but they can play outside or at our house. It actually is kinda nice to have summer time and have so many kids in the neighborhood that Aubrey likes, and have her be old enough to just go play.
I'm continuing my efforts in finding the right school for Aubrey. This weekend Seth and I are going to a home-schooling convention. Whether or not we homeschool, there are some classes there that I think we can learn from, and it will be very informative. Aubrey is getting better at reading and writing all the time. Yesturday in church, she drew a picture of a bunch of creatures and wrote "God Did" on it. Then, she got frustrated and told me that she was trying to write "God created all things" on her paper. I had her write "God did All" She sounded it out, and got it. It is so amazing what she can do when she wants to do it. We've also started reading a beverly clearly boook "Ribsy." It's a long chapter book, but Aubrey really likes it. I can't believe she still has more than a year before she's supposed to go to kindergarten. She's already doing everything that they learn there. I need to find a way to keep her excited about learning and not let her get bored.
In april we went to Seth's cousin Caeli's wedding. It was our first time to the Draper temple, and was really nice. A lot of people that were important to them couldn't come becuase they were in Europe at the time, and All of Europe couldn't fly anybody in or out because of this volcano that erupted.
Right now there is this huge oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. It's a huge mess, and the government is trying to use it as a good way to impose more regulations, and stop all oil drilling in the US for at least 6 months. So stupid.
A couple weeks ago we went to St. George with Shauna, Darren and met up with Brett and Laura. It was so good to see them again. Laura and I are on the same page when it comes to education for our kids. It was nice to talk to another mom that is researching every option of education for her children. We didn't do much that weekend, just let the kids play and the adults talked to catch up with each other. Brett and Laura are in a tough financial situation (like most people in Cali right now), but they would like to adopt if they can. They have two of their own boys and might have one more on their own, but feel strongly that there could be a child coming to them from adoption.
My thoughts are kind of bouncing everywhere, but I'm just trying to get stuff down as fast as I can.
Aubrey has been very obedient lately. I'm loving it! I know one day it will end, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. She has been so sweet and thoughtful. One day I was feeling really sick. Aubrey read me a couple of books, drew me a picture, made me some tang, brought a chair in my room to put my drink on, and attempted to do the dishes, and even started the dishwasher! Remember she's just turned 4!! Oh, she also has a huge collection of pill-bugs (ladybugs to her) that she is keeping on the front porch in a fish bowl. She continues to add to the collection, adn I think some of the neighborhood kids are actually jealous!
Sam of course, is doing more every day. He does a mixture of crawling and army-crawling. He likes to wave, starting to clap, and say "deh". He is also starting to catch on to signing "please." He makes me laugh all the time. He is contantly making a buzzing noise, and has added a hand motion in the air mimicking an airplane as he buzzes. He has an extremely long tongue that he likes to hang out all the time like micheal jordan. He makes all kinds of funny noises, funny faces, climbs on things including people, and is just fun. He is certainly the most cuddly baby I've ever had, and a little more emotionally needy, but he's just great.
I better get going now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of fun things

It's really too bad that I don't write as often as I'd like. We do so much fun stuff all the time, but it's lost as time goes on. It's as if it never happened. Aubrey said the other day, "Mom, do you remember going to see Santa? We went to different houses. Santa didn't have his reindeer. We were with Grandma Terry. Do you remember that?" She was talking about how Grandma Terry had a grandparents pass to pioneer village. She went there lots of times with Grandma, but the last time was Chrismas, and she got to write a letter to santa and give it to him. It's amazing the details she remembers!

We also went to Las Vegas the weekend of May 1st to see Aliza get baptized. Aubrey went to the doctor for pink eye the morning we left. I gave her anti-biotics all day as we rode with Gradma Terry and Grandpa Mike. That night we went shopping and met up with my Uncle Robert and Aunt Kathy for dinner. (Seth didn't go bc he had to work. He is also worked on mothers day and is working late tonight.) Anyway, I got the kids to bed at the hotel. Since Debbie, Ronda, and Christian all work at Marriotts, we were able to get good deals. Carol, Mom and I all had rooms next to each other. The next day, we went to the baptism and I got to play the piano for the stake event. As we waited for each ward to have their turn for baptisms, the others sang their favorite hymns. Aliza's was "I Know that My Redeemer Lives." The spirit was so strong as we sung; I love that hymn. Aubrey got to watch Aliza get baptised; it was so special. (Someone played the piano for me for one minute so I could watch Aliza, then I had to hurry back to play.)
That afternoon we played at the park, and swam at a resort, and went out to dinner. Aubrey had so much fun with her cousins! When I gave her a bath that night, she thought the hotel bath tub looked like a baptismal font! Mom and Mike agreed to watch the grandkids while all the siblings went out together. We had fun shopping at H&M, eating ice cream and admiring the sugar store. It was short, but nice to enjoy each other with no kids!

I also wanted to make note that Aubrey has a play-date with her cousin Drew almost every Tuesday. We go down to Murray and play. Sometimes heather has other friends there and we do a craft and sing songs and such. Sometimes its just us. Sometimes we go places like fun parks. Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium. Drew's favorite is the hammer-head shark! Aubrey has been earning dimes with little chores lately, and I think she's excited to buy something at the gift shop with her very own-hard-earned money!

Sam just started crawling on his knees these last couple days (instead of army-crawl). He also started pulling himself up to standing a couple days ago too! He so excited to explore now. We've certainly entered a new stage with him.

I'm trying to do reading with Aubrey with the BOB books every night. She's so good at it, but she doesn't always like it. Sometimes we play reading memory games or flash cards. Sam likes to eat her books and it's really distracting. We give him toys, but he just wants the books.

Sam has been my drooliest baby! Drool and spit up--so gross! He has also been my most cuddly baby-- so sweet! I guess I also need to video the way he eats, bc people always comment on it. He just opens and swallows so quickly that I guess it's worth noting. he eye-balls everything I eat. I think he'll be my biggest eater, but he's still skinny.

Mother's Day was nice. Seth took me shopping to buy a pair of jeans that fit. I've lost a lot of weight after having Sam, so it's nice to have the clothes that fit, and nice to ahve Seth's approval. I loved it so much, that I'm thinking I'd like to do this for my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, or just whenever I feel like it!

At the same time, we are thinking about just how fast we could pay off our house. If we live way below our means, we could do it pretty fast. We need to find a balance between live for today and living for the future. Both are important.

lately I've been thinking how important it is to me to have balance in my life. Sure I want to be in shape, be educated, be a musician, be a good cook, balance my budget, spend time with my children, etc... If any of these things takes too much of a priority, the other things suffer. I need them all. A little in every area. Balance. I think I want bablance more than being an over-achiever in one area. Maybe I'll be an over-acheiving balancer?

Have I talked lately about researching schools for Aubrey? I don't want her to get bored with the curriculum at school. I want her to always love learning. Where can we achieve that the best? I still have over a year to decide, but so far I've found, Layton Elementary, Oquirh Mountain, Syracuse Arts Academy, North Davis Prep, and an online K12 school. I still have lots of research to do. it will be an interesting road regardless.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A few Sam things

I had to quickly post a couple more quick things about Sam. He is starting to feed himself, which is so cute! He wants to eat adult food so bad! He just stares and watches as we eat, even if it's a whole hamburger, he just WANTS it! I don't know how much longer I'll nurse him. His little fingers like to pinch while he nurses, and it hurts. I'm down to 2-3 nursing times a day. He LOVES to buzz his lips and has for months. If he could skip crawling and just walk, he would. He loves to walk or run holding onto my hands. He also likes to play tag with Aubrey. He holds onto my hands and runs around playing tag with her. He LOVEs it!

Aubrey loves playing hide and go seek with dad. When he has time, that is the daddy-daughter activity of choice.
Life has been very good to us lately. We're busy, but not overwhelmed. Having 2 kids is great; we have plenty to do, but I'm not too stressed. Seth is working longer hours, but we're dealing with it. Sam has been army-crawling for the passed month or so. These last couple of days he's been crawling on his knees for a few steps, and then down to his stomach again. He is really excited about exploring now that he's mobile. He does still spit up a lot, and when he does in the kitchen, he spits up, and then army-crawls through it, moping it around the floor with his stomach--so gross! Of course, he doesn't mind; its just good, clean fun for him.
Aubrey has just started her second set of BOB scholastic books. She can easily sound out 2-3 letter words, and is getting better at reading all the time! As usual, she loves to play with friends, and it's nice when she and Sam play and laugh together. Right now, they two of them just woke up and Aubrey went to entertain him. That's nice; that will give me a couple minutes to write some more.
This month is Aubrey's last month at Share Preschool with Rebecca Barker. She has been so great for Aubrey. It's sad to have an end, but I'm excited to have her go to Tiffany's Flowerbox in the fall. This will also be Aubrey's last month of gymnastics at Lil' Flippers. We will miss that too. This summer, I need to sign her up for swim lessons, and we'll probably continue to play with Drew a lot. He got passes to the zoo and aquarium that I'm sure we'll use frequently.
We are also going to Mass. for a couple weeks this summer for Ben's wedding. It's going to be a big, fun event! Then we'll hang out at Grammy and Papa Hossfield's house.
Lately, i've been waking up at 5:40 to go running with Emily Chapman and a couple other ladies in the ward. it's hard to get up that early, but the sunrise, and visiting is nice. I've also dropped almost 50lbs since I've had Sam. Seth is rewarding me with new Buckle jeans tonight (if I can find a babysitter.)
Seth and I are trying to keep up with politics. Our country is going through a lot right now. We attended a Mitt Romney book signing and speech a couple months ago. We've only got partially through the book so far, but it's been eye-opening. Other countries don't want America to be the super power, and they are ready to challenge us, but that's not even what our country is dealing with right now. Pres. Obama and his adminstration has sure sent our country in a loop. They want to charge cap and trade due to "global warming", they recently passed the crazy health-care bill, they want to regulate the internet and news, Arizona just started a huge ordeal with a new illegal immigrant law that basically arrests anyone that looks like a Mexican and doesn't have paper work on them, and in Utah, our education budgets are being cut. Davis county just cut their budget by over 30 million. It's hard to keep up with it all and know what to do. We want to create the best place we can for our children, but how? It's just seems so out of control right now. We are trying to do our best to stay financially conservative, and put ourselves in a position to provide and protect our family no matter what. I've also been looking into every school option possible for Aubrey. When she starts kindergarten we might to a charter school, and there are lots of options there. It's nice to have options and realize the power and freedom I still have to choose. It's a big responsibility, and I hope and pray we make the best decisions for our family.
I better go now. Aubrey's done a good job entertaining Sam, but we better get ready for the day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I went to relief society, and when I came home, Seth told me an amazing story that I had to write down.
Aubrey got a piece of paper, did some scribbles in red (Dad's favorite color), handed it to Seth, and said, "here you go, Dad. This is for you."
Seth said, "There's not enough on the paper. You need to do more."
Aubrey, "Okay," and she went back to work.
She put more scribbles on, and then decide to write, "To:Dad From: Aubrey"
Seth, realizing what she was trying to do asked, "Can you spell 'dad'?"
Aubrey took a second to sound it out "duh-a-duh... Dad has 2 'D's in it!"
Seth, "You're right"
aubrey wrote it down and showed Dad. "Those look like 'b's" (and they were lower-case b's, but still...) Then Seth said, "Can you spell 'mom'?"
Aubrey sounded it out and wrote it down perfectly. She also included a few other letters on the page, and put a bunch of scribbles that she said was Layton, UT. She put a heart, and a face that I need to ask her who it is in the morning.
So, our daughter can write all of the letters, knows all of their sounds, can sound out 2-3 letter words, and has read 4 BOB scholastic books by herself. She can also count to 29 without help, and when patient enough, she can count to 100 when you remind her about 30, 40, 50, etc.
She also asks about her body a lot, and we've looked at diagrams on the internet of her digestive, circular, and skelatal systems.
The other day, Aubrey and I were having a conversation in the car, which lead to a question I still am not sure how to answer. Aubrey was asking about her body, then the Holy Ghost. I told her that when she is happy and doing the right thing, that she can feel the Holy Ghost. She asked, "so is he IN my body?"
Have I mentioned that our little darling, brilliant girl just turned 4 a month ago?! How on earth can my parenting skills keep up with this! Gotta love it!