Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I went to relief society, and when I came home, Seth told me an amazing story that I had to write down.
Aubrey got a piece of paper, did some scribbles in red (Dad's favorite color), handed it to Seth, and said, "here you go, Dad. This is for you."
Seth said, "There's not enough on the paper. You need to do more."
Aubrey, "Okay," and she went back to work.
She put more scribbles on, and then decide to write, "To:Dad From: Aubrey"
Seth, realizing what she was trying to do asked, "Can you spell 'dad'?"
Aubrey took a second to sound it out "duh-a-duh... Dad has 2 'D's in it!"
Seth, "You're right"
aubrey wrote it down and showed Dad. "Those look like 'b's" (and they were lower-case b's, but still...) Then Seth said, "Can you spell 'mom'?"
Aubrey sounded it out and wrote it down perfectly. She also included a few other letters on the page, and put a bunch of scribbles that she said was Layton, UT. She put a heart, and a face that I need to ask her who it is in the morning.
So, our daughter can write all of the letters, knows all of their sounds, can sound out 2-3 letter words, and has read 4 BOB scholastic books by herself. She can also count to 29 without help, and when patient enough, she can count to 100 when you remind her about 30, 40, 50, etc.
She also asks about her body a lot, and we've looked at diagrams on the internet of her digestive, circular, and skelatal systems.
The other day, Aubrey and I were having a conversation in the car, which lead to a question I still am not sure how to answer. Aubrey was asking about her body, then the Holy Ghost. I told her that when she is happy and doing the right thing, that she can feel the Holy Ghost. She asked, "so is he IN my body?"
Have I mentioned that our little darling, brilliant girl just turned 4 a month ago?! How on earth can my parenting skills keep up with this! Gotta love it!

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Seth said...

She also wrote her name on that paper, and can spell Sam by herself as well.