Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of fun things

It's really too bad that I don't write as often as I'd like. We do so much fun stuff all the time, but it's lost as time goes on. It's as if it never happened. Aubrey said the other day, "Mom, do you remember going to see Santa? We went to different houses. Santa didn't have his reindeer. We were with Grandma Terry. Do you remember that?" She was talking about how Grandma Terry had a grandparents pass to pioneer village. She went there lots of times with Grandma, but the last time was Chrismas, and she got to write a letter to santa and give it to him. It's amazing the details she remembers!

We also went to Las Vegas the weekend of May 1st to see Aliza get baptized. Aubrey went to the doctor for pink eye the morning we left. I gave her anti-biotics all day as we rode with Gradma Terry and Grandpa Mike. That night we went shopping and met up with my Uncle Robert and Aunt Kathy for dinner. (Seth didn't go bc he had to work. He is also worked on mothers day and is working late tonight.) Anyway, I got the kids to bed at the hotel. Since Debbie, Ronda, and Christian all work at Marriotts, we were able to get good deals. Carol, Mom and I all had rooms next to each other. The next day, we went to the baptism and I got to play the piano for the stake event. As we waited for each ward to have their turn for baptisms, the others sang their favorite hymns. Aliza's was "I Know that My Redeemer Lives." The spirit was so strong as we sung; I love that hymn. Aubrey got to watch Aliza get baptised; it was so special. (Someone played the piano for me for one minute so I could watch Aliza, then I had to hurry back to play.)
That afternoon we played at the park, and swam at a resort, and went out to dinner. Aubrey had so much fun with her cousins! When I gave her a bath that night, she thought the hotel bath tub looked like a baptismal font! Mom and Mike agreed to watch the grandkids while all the siblings went out together. We had fun shopping at H&M, eating ice cream and admiring the sugar store. It was short, but nice to enjoy each other with no kids!

I also wanted to make note that Aubrey has a play-date with her cousin Drew almost every Tuesday. We go down to Murray and play. Sometimes heather has other friends there and we do a craft and sing songs and such. Sometimes its just us. Sometimes we go places like fun parks. Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium. Drew's favorite is the hammer-head shark! Aubrey has been earning dimes with little chores lately, and I think she's excited to buy something at the gift shop with her very own-hard-earned money!

Sam just started crawling on his knees these last couple days (instead of army-crawl). He also started pulling himself up to standing a couple days ago too! He so excited to explore now. We've certainly entered a new stage with him.

I'm trying to do reading with Aubrey with the BOB books every night. She's so good at it, but she doesn't always like it. Sometimes we play reading memory games or flash cards. Sam likes to eat her books and it's really distracting. We give him toys, but he just wants the books.

Sam has been my drooliest baby! Drool and spit up--so gross! He has also been my most cuddly baby-- so sweet! I guess I also need to video the way he eats, bc people always comment on it. He just opens and swallows so quickly that I guess it's worth noting. he eye-balls everything I eat. I think he'll be my biggest eater, but he's still skinny.

Mother's Day was nice. Seth took me shopping to buy a pair of jeans that fit. I've lost a lot of weight after having Sam, so it's nice to have the clothes that fit, and nice to ahve Seth's approval. I loved it so much, that I'm thinking I'd like to do this for my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, or just whenever I feel like it!

At the same time, we are thinking about just how fast we could pay off our house. If we live way below our means, we could do it pretty fast. We need to find a balance between live for today and living for the future. Both are important.

lately I've been thinking how important it is to me to have balance in my life. Sure I want to be in shape, be educated, be a musician, be a good cook, balance my budget, spend time with my children, etc... If any of these things takes too much of a priority, the other things suffer. I need them all. A little in every area. Balance. I think I want bablance more than being an over-achiever in one area. Maybe I'll be an over-acheiving balancer?

Have I talked lately about researching schools for Aubrey? I don't want her to get bored with the curriculum at school. I want her to always love learning. Where can we achieve that the best? I still have over a year to decide, but so far I've found, Layton Elementary, Oquirh Mountain, Syracuse Arts Academy, North Davis Prep, and an online K12 school. I still have lots of research to do. it will be an interesting road regardless.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A few Sam things

I had to quickly post a couple more quick things about Sam. He is starting to feed himself, which is so cute! He wants to eat adult food so bad! He just stares and watches as we eat, even if it's a whole hamburger, he just WANTS it! I don't know how much longer I'll nurse him. His little fingers like to pinch while he nurses, and it hurts. I'm down to 2-3 nursing times a day. He LOVES to buzz his lips and has for months. If he could skip crawling and just walk, he would. He loves to walk or run holding onto my hands. He also likes to play tag with Aubrey. He holds onto my hands and runs around playing tag with her. He LOVEs it!

Aubrey loves playing hide and go seek with dad. When he has time, that is the daddy-daughter activity of choice.
Life has been very good to us lately. We're busy, but not overwhelmed. Having 2 kids is great; we have plenty to do, but I'm not too stressed. Seth is working longer hours, but we're dealing with it. Sam has been army-crawling for the passed month or so. These last couple of days he's been crawling on his knees for a few steps, and then down to his stomach again. He is really excited about exploring now that he's mobile. He does still spit up a lot, and when he does in the kitchen, he spits up, and then army-crawls through it, moping it around the floor with his stomach--so gross! Of course, he doesn't mind; its just good, clean fun for him.
Aubrey has just started her second set of BOB scholastic books. She can easily sound out 2-3 letter words, and is getting better at reading all the time! As usual, she loves to play with friends, and it's nice when she and Sam play and laugh together. Right now, they two of them just woke up and Aubrey went to entertain him. That's nice; that will give me a couple minutes to write some more.
This month is Aubrey's last month at Share Preschool with Rebecca Barker. She has been so great for Aubrey. It's sad to have an end, but I'm excited to have her go to Tiffany's Flowerbox in the fall. This will also be Aubrey's last month of gymnastics at Lil' Flippers. We will miss that too. This summer, I need to sign her up for swim lessons, and we'll probably continue to play with Drew a lot. He got passes to the zoo and aquarium that I'm sure we'll use frequently.
We are also going to Mass. for a couple weeks this summer for Ben's wedding. It's going to be a big, fun event! Then we'll hang out at Grammy and Papa Hossfield's house.
Lately, i've been waking up at 5:40 to go running with Emily Chapman and a couple other ladies in the ward. it's hard to get up that early, but the sunrise, and visiting is nice. I've also dropped almost 50lbs since I've had Sam. Seth is rewarding me with new Buckle jeans tonight (if I can find a babysitter.)
Seth and I are trying to keep up with politics. Our country is going through a lot right now. We attended a Mitt Romney book signing and speech a couple months ago. We've only got partially through the book so far, but it's been eye-opening. Other countries don't want America to be the super power, and they are ready to challenge us, but that's not even what our country is dealing with right now. Pres. Obama and his adminstration has sure sent our country in a loop. They want to charge cap and trade due to "global warming", they recently passed the crazy health-care bill, they want to regulate the internet and news, Arizona just started a huge ordeal with a new illegal immigrant law that basically arrests anyone that looks like a Mexican and doesn't have paper work on them, and in Utah, our education budgets are being cut. Davis county just cut their budget by over 30 million. It's hard to keep up with it all and know what to do. We want to create the best place we can for our children, but how? It's just seems so out of control right now. We are trying to do our best to stay financially conservative, and put ourselves in a position to provide and protect our family no matter what. I've also been looking into every school option possible for Aubrey. When she starts kindergarten we might to a charter school, and there are lots of options there. It's nice to have options and realize the power and freedom I still have to choose. It's a big responsibility, and I hope and pray we make the best decisions for our family.
I better go now. Aubrey's done a good job entertaining Sam, but we better get ready for the day.