Friday, May 7, 2010

A few Sam things

I had to quickly post a couple more quick things about Sam. He is starting to feed himself, which is so cute! He wants to eat adult food so bad! He just stares and watches as we eat, even if it's a whole hamburger, he just WANTS it! I don't know how much longer I'll nurse him. His little fingers like to pinch while he nurses, and it hurts. I'm down to 2-3 nursing times a day. He LOVES to buzz his lips and has for months. If he could skip crawling and just walk, he would. He loves to walk or run holding onto my hands. He also likes to play tag with Aubrey. He holds onto my hands and runs around playing tag with her. He LOVEs it!

Aubrey loves playing hide and go seek with dad. When he has time, that is the daddy-daughter activity of choice.

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