Monday, June 7, 2010

All the time I think, "I need to write this down!" and then I just can't get to it. Here's some real quick things before Sam wakes up.
In Feb. We had a special candle-lit family dinner with lasagna. It was fun. For Aubrey's 4th birthday, we had a swimming party at Clearfield Aquatic Center. It was a lot of fun with family and friends, but somehow I need to make parties cheaper and more affordable. I feel like I can't leave anybody out, and then it just gets too big. Aubrey loved it though. We played Hannah Montana music (her favorite of the time), ate pizza, opened presents, cake, and swam. Very fun.
My cousin, Shannon, has been living with us and will for a few more months. She saving money for college and getting Utah residency. She is helpful with the kids and cleaning a lot of times. It's been nice to have her.
In march, We went to a Mitt Romney book signing. It think I might've already talked about it. We're still working on finishing the book, but it gives us some good insight to what the country should be focused on at this time in order to stay powerful. With pres. Obama, it's made for some really scary times.
Seth isn't quite as happy at his job lately. There are still a lot of perks and good things about it. For the most part, he likes what he does, the pay is decent, and the benefits are good. Sometimes they work him extra hard or he doesn't feel like he's being treated right or that his work is important. On those days, he doesn't like it. Over-all, he's happy to have a job (since so many don't have one these days) and he'll be fine if he stays at JBT. On the other hand, he's going to be putting out resumes to see if there are other opportunities available to him now that he's had five years experience at the same place.
Seth is also due to have a new baby sister in November. It's kind of an awkward thought; his father just turned 60 and his wife, Jing, is 40. We certainly hope we aren't having kids at that age, but this seems to be what Glen (aka George, Seth's dad) wants, so we are happy for him.
Aubrey of course loves her play-dates as usual. I started to think that maybe we should have fewer play-dates and be home more. Now that's it's summer time and everyone wants to get out, is a bad time to have fewer play-dates. A new family moved on the street, the Cavanahs. Esme is probably going to be Aubrey's new friend. they play together really well, and I really like Hailey, the mom. Aubrey had her first kiss a few weeks ago. A neighborhood boy, Nathan, that is living with Kami and her sons, wanted to kiss Aubrey. After playing at their house for less than an hour, I went to get her. Luckily we have open communication at this point in her life and she said, "Mom! We were kissing... on the lips!" She thought it was so funny and cute. I didn't know what to think! Oh-my-word! Do we honestly have to have this talk already!? I told her that kissing was for mommy's and daddy's, and I didn't want her to worry about kissing for a LONG time! Then Seth, Shannon and I all talked to her about doing the right thing, even when friends want you to do a bad thing. We also talked aobut private parts, and no one touching you or seeing those parts, and always telling mommy, and that she did the right thing by telling me what happened. It was a good talk. I don't think it was over-board because I really don't have a good feeling about Nathan's dad who is living with Kami. Aubrey is not allowed to play over there any more, but they can play outside or at our house. It actually is kinda nice to have summer time and have so many kids in the neighborhood that Aubrey likes, and have her be old enough to just go play.
I'm continuing my efforts in finding the right school for Aubrey. This weekend Seth and I are going to a home-schooling convention. Whether or not we homeschool, there are some classes there that I think we can learn from, and it will be very informative. Aubrey is getting better at reading and writing all the time. Yesturday in church, she drew a picture of a bunch of creatures and wrote "God Did" on it. Then, she got frustrated and told me that she was trying to write "God created all things" on her paper. I had her write "God did All" She sounded it out, and got it. It is so amazing what she can do when she wants to do it. We've also started reading a beverly clearly boook "Ribsy." It's a long chapter book, but Aubrey really likes it. I can't believe she still has more than a year before she's supposed to go to kindergarten. She's already doing everything that they learn there. I need to find a way to keep her excited about learning and not let her get bored.
In april we went to Seth's cousin Caeli's wedding. It was our first time to the Draper temple, and was really nice. A lot of people that were important to them couldn't come becuase they were in Europe at the time, and All of Europe couldn't fly anybody in or out because of this volcano that erupted.
Right now there is this huge oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. It's a huge mess, and the government is trying to use it as a good way to impose more regulations, and stop all oil drilling in the US for at least 6 months. So stupid.
A couple weeks ago we went to St. George with Shauna, Darren and met up with Brett and Laura. It was so good to see them again. Laura and I are on the same page when it comes to education for our kids. It was nice to talk to another mom that is researching every option of education for her children. We didn't do much that weekend, just let the kids play and the adults talked to catch up with each other. Brett and Laura are in a tough financial situation (like most people in Cali right now), but they would like to adopt if they can. They have two of their own boys and might have one more on their own, but feel strongly that there could be a child coming to them from adoption.
My thoughts are kind of bouncing everywhere, but I'm just trying to get stuff down as fast as I can.
Aubrey has been very obedient lately. I'm loving it! I know one day it will end, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. She has been so sweet and thoughtful. One day I was feeling really sick. Aubrey read me a couple of books, drew me a picture, made me some tang, brought a chair in my room to put my drink on, and attempted to do the dishes, and even started the dishwasher! Remember she's just turned 4!! Oh, she also has a huge collection of pill-bugs (ladybugs to her) that she is keeping on the front porch in a fish bowl. She continues to add to the collection, adn I think some of the neighborhood kids are actually jealous!
Sam of course, is doing more every day. He does a mixture of crawling and army-crawling. He likes to wave, starting to clap, and say "deh". He is also starting to catch on to signing "please." He makes me laugh all the time. He is contantly making a buzzing noise, and has added a hand motion in the air mimicking an airplane as he buzzes. He has an extremely long tongue that he likes to hang out all the time like micheal jordan. He makes all kinds of funny noises, funny faces, climbs on things including people, and is just fun. He is certainly the most cuddly baby I've ever had, and a little more emotionally needy, but he's just great.
I better get going now.

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