Friday, June 11, 2010

Lately Aubrey has been in to writing on her own. She usually doesn't ask for help, she just sounds it out. Yesturday she spelled watermelon "wodmelon" not bad.
Sam has had red poops lately. After quite a few brick-colored or purple poops, I decided that if I got one more I would call the doc about it. The next diaper had a polly-pocket shoe in it! Poor baby! It's so hard to keep everything out of his mouth. He'll eat the hair off the floor! Aubrey has only one polly-pocket set, but I think it will just not be allowed for a while.
Yesturday Aubrey played with her friend, Elise. We went to the castle park. It threatened to rain the whole time, but didn't even start to sprinkle until I was getting the last kid buckled in--good timing! The girls got along until their demanding personalities came out. they are a lot alike: mature for their age, smart, strong willed, etc. Sometimes they get along, and sometimes they clash.
Aubrey has a new neighborhood friend, Esme. Aubrey calls her "Esime" and Esme calls Aubrey "Aubway." They play together really well and are so cute together.
Lately, Seth has taken extra notice of the hard work I do. It makes me want to work harder, so I'm even more deserving of his praise. Last night, he thought I deserved a massage. It was great! He even put on relaxing sounds from the alarm settings in our room and dimmed the lights. So sweet!

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