Friday, July 30, 2010

Aubrey's Entry

I like Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is my very best friend that always makes rainbows. She exercises a lot. Anorhia is my other friend. She is kinda bad, but she loves counting. (Anoria has been Aubrey's imaginary friend for a long time. A lot of times when Aubrey does bad, she blames it on Anoria). She also exercises a lot.
I love to do this and that (Aubrey being silly. She is a pretty silly girl).
I like cranberries (really?).
I spell Rainbow Dash A-L-L-A-L-L-A.
I spell Sam S-A-M.

Mom: Sam always whines and climbs on mom when he needs a diaper change. Time for a break.

I love Sam, and I tug and play with him. And I love to come and wake him up when it's time. I play with him and make him happy. And I tell mom and dad.

I like to learn about that things are bad and good. I love brother and sister. That's all I want to say.

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