Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sam's Post

I turned one. My party kept getting moved. We had to wait for Grandma Terry to get back from Hawaii. Then my doctor wanted mom to test me to see if I was lactose intolerant. Mom didn't want to, but did it anyway to prove to the doctor that I was. Mom gave me 1/2oz of milk in my bottles for one day. I had diarrhea for two weeks. I also was throwing up. Aubrey and Daddy started throwing up too. So we moved the party from Saturday morning to Sunday night. It still turned out nice. The weather was perfect, the family came, and we had breakfast for dinner. I still didn't feel like eating; I was still recovering from the lactose and sickness. I didn't eat my birthday muffin. I loved my singing birthday balloons. I got lots of cars for my birthday--thank goodness!

I'm trying to say mom and dad and uh-oh. I used to sign please and nod yes, but not anymore.
Mom and Dad got me a rolli-pop for my birthday, because it said that it "develops early engineering sense." I don't know about that, but I like to play with it a lot.
I probably could walk if I wanted to, but I don't want to yet. I will if I can hold on to something, but I will not take a step on my own otherwise.
I like to grunt and growl a lot.
I like my routine and come to mom when it's time for a nap.
I love my sister, mom and dad. I smile when they come in my room, and I LOVE to play with them.
I play peek-a-boo every time I get a diaper change.

Aubrey's Post

I started preschool yesterday. My teacher's name is Miss Dani. I had a weird dream last night. I saw a weird pokey hand, but then the horsey found it. I keep thinking about it. A new friend moved in down the street. Her name is Brailey. We play together about once a week. I play with Esme a lot too, and Jeffrey.
I found a nice dream that a pony would fly over a rainbow, and me. The horsies jump over anything, and they have rainbows. They can catch rainbows too, that's how they have the colors. They are called Rainbow-Dash. And They love to jump all on rainbows and slide on rainbows. And it's almost Christmas. And they jump over the moon, and the snow too.
I love butterflies very much.
I love all the animals, but except monkeys. Monkeys make big messes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gratitude for Bodies

One day I was running with my running group i the morning. We were talking about how frustrating it was that we ran as much as we did, and still had cellulite on the back of our legs, and flab here and there. Emily Chapman pointed out, "You know, I'm just grateful to have a body that can run. Every day, before I go running, I thank God that I have this body, and that I'm grateful for it's abilities. I don't want to have to learn the hard way to be grateful for my body." She taught me a great lesson that day. I lesson I knew, but needed to be reminded of. I hope I never complain about cellulite or stretch-marks again. I'm so grateful that my body is capable of so many things, and so many more things that I can train and condition it to do. I try to run a lot, today I'll do a work-out video, two days ago I rode my bike, I'm playing the piano every day for a piano recital I want to play in November, I can take care of my kids, love my husband, smell, see (even better with my glasses on!), touch, taste, hear. I can do thousands/millions of things with little or no effort at all. My body heals itself! I can create another human! I can create beauty. Wow, I could go on, but the point is, our bodies are amazing gifts. I am so grateful.


Here's more detail on those past events:
Stephanie's wedding-- Steph married David Milner. He seems very nice. On Facebook, she always posts how happy she is. They had a luncheon at a bbq place that was nice, and we tried to take some video and pics for her. The kids wanted to run around the restaurant a lot which was hard, but the employees there were very kind, and didn't seem to mind. We still tried our best to keep them entertained and quiet while people gave their thoughts and toasts for the wedding. After that, Seth and I went to the temple to make sure Shannon could get in without her temple recommend in hand. That seemed to happen a lot that day with all the weddings going on. It wasn't too much trouble to get the clearance I needed, but I hat bothering the bishop for things like that. Then we went to a neary-by park, and the kids played. Aubrey played with Diana, Becka, Caitlyn, and Drew. I talked with Debbie who was starting to look pregnant! We went back to the temple for the sealing. Ronda watched the kids for us. It's always nice to go to things like that. We took pics after, and We went back to the park to celebrate with them. It was very simple and cute. We danced a little on the tennis court, they had drinks, lots of different kinds of cake, pictures around, and it was just nice.
Debbie's sealing--I know this event was a little over a year ago, but my thoughts went to it. Sam was just 6 days old, so I went through a lot of effort to make sure he was all taken care of before I went up to the sealing room. I was thinking more about being Sam's mom and random thoughts that were not temple related at all. Debbie and Christian came in, and to me, Christian was starting to look like a man for the first time. He seemed so ready to take on the responsibilities being put on his shoulders. Debbie was beaming and crying. I got the nerve to get her a box of tissues in the middle of the sealer's speech. He knew them very well, and it was really nice. There was a point when he asked them if there was anyone that was their main motivation to come to the temple. The both said, "A lot of people," but then Debbie reminded me (all of us) that Dad was there that day. He promised to be at all of our sealings. It was an amazing feeling to KNOW that Dad was there. There are times when I hope Dad is with me, but it's different to know for sure. It felt so good. Then I realized that Ronda's wedding could be the last time that I will be able to know for sure that Dad is in the same room as me. It was a bitter-sweet thougtht.
Ben's wedding--We only had a few days after steph's wedding to pack up and get the family to MA. Seth always has a hard time flying, let alone with kids, but we had enough activities planned for them, that I thought it went really well. Autumn and Allison picked us up. I tried to talk to Allison, but Autumn kept answering for her. It was funny when I pointed it out. We ate dinner together, and we stayed at the hotel. Aubrey likes staying in hotels; she always asks if we can move, so we can stay at a hotel, I think she means to go on a vacation. We drove out to cape cod, and got Seth's suit rental on the way, paying and unexpected $200 for the rental. OH well. Then we drove out to this gorgeous location. There was a huge half-circle of grass in front of a large beautiful building that gave the feeling of a very glorified light house. Mandatory parking; which to us was funny with the jeep we were borrowing from Autumn-- it was anything but the nicest car on the lot! I think the guys that worked there appreciated that :) We were there for the rehearsal on Friday. We went to the balcony where the coctail party was going to be--beautiful view of the ocean, very open and classy. We walked past all the tennis courts, and on a boardwalk through some trees that opened up to the beach. They had a quick rehearsal, and then we moved on to the tip of the cape for the rehearsal dinner. There were rainbow flags along the way, and a gay-wedding party next to ours. It wasn't really offensively in our face, so we weren't really bothered by any of it. It was a gorgeous setting with the moon coming up, and the sun going down, and the sunset, the breeze, uh, everything was beautiful! The kids (Aubrey, Autumn's kids, and a couple kids from the other party) played on the beach, of course. We enjoyed some good food, and then headed to the hotel when it got a little too cold and late. We didn't get to visit too much cuz we were watching kids most of the time. AT least, I let Seth visit while I watched the kids, which was fine.
We stayed at a marriott and emily and autumn stayed there too. We swam together in the morning, and there was a grassy area where the kids played together too. We went out to the wedding in the evening. Seth was in the wedding party. We had to wait while one wedding finished before we could go to the beach. They gifted water, bubbles, flip-flops, and fans with the program on it. There was a live string-quartet that played as they walked down the aisle (which could've used a little more training from the wedding planner). The canopy was beautiful and we faced the beach, of course. They had a nice preacher, and Julianne looked gorgeous! Aubrey asked if Daddy was getting married! After the ceremony, we tried to take picures, but the bugs from the seaweed everywhere were so horrible! Aubrey was screaming that they were eating her, and looking at her arms afterward, they really were! She had scabs on her arms the whole trip we were there from that! AFter serviving he knats, we went to the balcony for the cocktail party. Seth stayed with the bridal party for pics, so I tried to carry Sam, and the diaper bag, and watch Aubrey at the same time. Some of Juliane's family helped. We weren't on the balcony long, before it started to rain. We moved down to the ballroom, picked up our sand dollar with our seating assignment with it. We sat with Autumns family, and asked a couple times to get the alcohol off the table. The kids danced until the wedding party came in. The toasts were nice, Ben danced with Emily, and then Ben and Julianne thanked each table for coming while they ate their dinner-- very nice. Seth and I had a great time dancing. We didn't mean to clear the floor, but that seemed to happen. We got quite a gasp from the crowd when I did a backflip over Seth's shoulder! Ha! After a while, we needed to get the kids to bed, so we left, and left a salutation on the wedding video.
The next day we spent a couple hours on the beach with the Waterman side of the family. Ron and Tiger are going to come visit us next spring. Cynthia seemed really happy to see us, and I tlaked about education with her. Aubrey saw a couple crabs, and we saw some neat things in the water. She played a lot in the sand, and Sam like the sand alot too.
Then we drove to grammy and papa's house.
2-week trip in MA, Aubrey swim lessons, Sam going down stairs and starting to say Da-da and ma-ma, Aubrey pinched by crab and stepped on nail, Seth drama at work, Sam loves the water, Aubrey loves to give, neighborhood bbq, Henry blessing, family coming next week. I'm sure there's more, but I gotta take care of the kiddos now.
Labor Day weekend, play-dates and new friends, stay in house or move, gratitude, Craig and Shirley back, Aubrey back to school, Sam's birthday and lactose intolerance,