Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aubrey's Post

I started preschool yesterday. My teacher's name is Miss Dani. I had a weird dream last night. I saw a weird pokey hand, but then the horsey found it. I keep thinking about it. A new friend moved in down the street. Her name is Brailey. We play together about once a week. I play with Esme a lot too, and Jeffrey.
I found a nice dream that a pony would fly over a rainbow, and me. The horsies jump over anything, and they have rainbows. They can catch rainbows too, that's how they have the colors. They are called Rainbow-Dash. And They love to jump all on rainbows and slide on rainbows. And it's almost Christmas. And they jump over the moon, and the snow too.
I love butterflies very much.
I love all the animals, but except monkeys. Monkeys make big messes.

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