Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Let's see if I can get a few things updated.
Shannon Sinclair (my cousin) was living with us for a while. From about Feb or March and officially moved back to California in August. We had some good times together, and Aubrey still talks about her being a part of our family. She came back at the end of August to see a friend's wedding and treat me to a John Mayor concert--which was amazing! We had a great time together!
Aubrey started preschool, ballet, and tumbling. Her preschool teacher is great, and I try to do some work with her on Tues. and Thurs. Ballet doesn't seem to be her thing, it's a little awkward, and she seems to be more of a gymnast to me. But lately she has been putting on leotards and skirts when pretty music is on the radio or a movie and dances around the living room. It's so cute! It's nice when she gets in touch with her feminine side. Ballet classes will help her technique in gymnastics too. She is always trying to do cartwheels, handstands, and jump off of things, etc. Aubrey also just filled up a reading chart. She got stickers for reading her BOB scholastic books each night, and earned pizza for the whole family that we'll eat tonight.
Yesturday, on our car ride to preschool, Aubrey said, "Mom I had a tummy ache this morning. it's gone now. I prayed to Heavenly Father. I pray to Him every day." It was so sweet! I love moments like this when you realize you must be doing something right! I tried to really take advantage of the moment, and talk to her about doing the right thing, and Heavenly Father is always really happy to hear from her and stuff. She also picks up trash in random places sometimes and throws it away. She's learning that it feels good to do the right thing.
Last Monday was Charlie's 3rd Birthday. We didn't do much. We just bout some donuts and went to the cemetery. We sat next to Charlie's grave and ate our donuts. Sam had one too. Sam kept trying to crawl to the graves that had balloons. Aubrey leaned over to Charlie's grave and whispered to him. I over heard her saying things like, "We want you to come alive again, Charlie. You could come alive for your birthday.... Our phone number is (801) 719-2965." (She is really proud that she just memorized her phone number). I said, "that's good Aubrey! That way Charlie will know how to contact us!" "yep." Then Aubrey ran to the Jesus statue (a tradition now I think). She noticed that Jesus is praying. "what do you think he is praying for, Aubrey?" "That all these people will come alive again." Our time there was nice. We just enjoyed being together.
Sam took his first steps the other day! Well, I guess it's been almost a week. He still prefers to crawl. He can stand on his own and take a few steps, but that's all he feels like doing. He such a happy little guy. His laugh is so funny, it doesn't sound much like a laugh....hmmm can't explain it... but it's funny. You just know he's laughing cuz he's smiling. :) He is also saying Da-Da when Daddy walks in the room, Ma-Ma when he's sad, hungry or needs me, uh-oh which is so cute, and sometimes we think he's saying things, but we're not sure.
My uncle Darrell got married to Twila on Sunday. Aubrey drew a picture for the bride. It was simple, out doors and a pot luck. Just nice.
I've been working on a piano recital. All the music is from a book that combines classical and Christmas music. I love the music, and practice about an hour every day, so I can perform a 30 min. recital for family and friends on Nov. 30th. It should be nice. I hope it goes well; I'm really excited, and I really feel that Heavenly Father is on my side and wants me to do this and have it go well too.

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