Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh boy how I need to do this more often. Our pictures probably tell a lot of our comings and goings, so here's a few things on my mind right now.
Today, Sam took a chair to the fish tank and climbed up to see the fish better. I think that will be okay, it's just that he opens the lid and plays in the water that's NOT okay. Somehow he also ended up at the top of the piano and was hanging onto the banister when I came in the room--Scary! He's trying to say more words, and it's funny to watch him think about the mechanics of what he's trying to say; his lips really do the motions of the word! We have the vowels on the refrigerator, and he's starting to learn those, because he can say them too.
Aubrey continues to amaze me. I realize that she loves charts and setting goals that she can see her progress. I made another reading chart, and that always kicks her reading in gear, and gets her more motivated to read to me. We were getting a little stuck on the sight words in set 4 of the BOB books, so we've turned a little focus on sight words now. I'm still not sure how I'm doing this. She has flash cards, and works on them a little each night. a lot of the words aren't consistent, meaning she'll get them right away one night, and have to sound it out the next night. She's getting it though. there's about 30 words that she's pretty good with.
Aubrey has been starting to get an attitude lately. She tries to tell me when I'm doing something wrong, plays the victim when she's in trouble, and is starting to get bossy. It's not too bad, and is a new problem. But of course, it is best to stop it in it's tracks! At FHE tonight, I grabbed the friend and read a story about going the "extra mile." It was an on-the-whim lesson, as usual, but it sparked an idea. I got a jar and pinto beans. Whenever someone in the family goes the extra mile, we'll earn a bean in the jar. When the kids are obedient and kind, I need to notice and give beans. I can also threaten to lose beans if they're being bad. Of course, Sam will just contribute on his good moments, and that will make Aubrey happy. We can also add if Dad and Mom go the extra mile as well. I think this will help all of us. Aubrey was SO excited that she wanted to help me get the jar and beans, and go the extra mile! Oh- when the jar is full we'll get donuts or go to a fun place or something. I said donuts, but it can change. :)
We are working on doing school time as often as possible to train ourselves for this fall when (I think) I'm going to attempt the utah virtual academy and school at home. i don't know what the future brings completely, but this feels like the right thing to do at this moment. However, I enrolled her at Venture Academy for their lottery already, but I don't have to do that. I also got another mom, Joyce Winn, to enroll there and haven't told her yet that I changed my mind. oh! This has been so hard! I really want to do the right thing for Aubrey. I have big dreams for her and Sam. Well, that's a post for another day. I need to go to bed, so I can wake up at 5:39 to go run in the cold with Emily Chapman.

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