Friday, January 28, 2011

A Wonderful Day!

Yesturday, the kids were being so good I had to write the day down, so I could bottle it up and save it for a bad day!
I went running in the morning, did some crunches and stretched. Then Aubrey wanted to cuddle with me. Okay! We laid in bed while she told me about her dreams. She had some good dreams, but she is also starting to have nightmares. After a while, we got up and I took a shower. Sam was crying when I got out, so I got him from his crib. His diaper was over-flowing with urine plus there were poops. Poor kid! I got him cleaned up, and put him in my bed while I got dressed. He snuggled in my blankets and pillows, and he looked so comfortable, I decided to join him. We cuddled for a little while. In the mean time, Aubrey set the table, fed the fish and swept the floor! Wow! We've been working on filling a jar with beans for "going the extra mile." I gave Aubrey a bunch of beans in the jar!
We had breakfast and we were getting ready to go to the Odgen Nature Center with some friends. Our friends called and pushed back our play-date until 10:30. Aubrey was getting bored with the unexpected extra time. I said, "Do you want to play with your toys?" "No." "Do you want to read?" "No." "Do you want to do some math?" "Yeah! math!" So she got out her kindergarten math book, and started on her pages. I was helping her a bit, but Debbie called. Aubrey ended up doing about five pages by herself while I talked to Debbie.
Then we went to the Ogden Nature Center with our new friends Tina and her daughter Eliza. It was a beautiful day; cool and crisp but the sun was out and it felt nice. The kids stayed with us, and we had a nice visit as we strolled around. They were so good, I never got upset about anything or even had to remind them to stay with us or anything. We saw about four deer. Two of them were pretty close to us. The kids thought it was fun to watch one of them prance away. They had big antlers too! It was pretty cool. They also liked the birds there.
We got in the car and went to Red Robin for lunch. It was more than I wanted to spend, but Tina was pregnant, so I let her pick the restaurant. Oh well. The kids ate their food and were good there too.
When we got back, Heather came over. She's looking really good for her first Figure Competition coming up! THe kids played for a bit and then they had to go. It was about 4pm and we'd had a big day. Sam went down for a nap, and Aubrey wanted to do more math! I helped her with it for a bit, and then we made dinner. I put the notebook on the counter with speakers and hulu'd "the biggest loser" while we made and ate omelets. Then Seth came home and I made omelets for him and Sam. Then Seth went to his soccer game, and I finished feeding Sam. Then Aubrey read a BOB scholastic level 4 book "The Swimmers" to me as I cleaned the kitchen. This is only the second time that she read aloud while I did something instead of me sitting with her. When words were too big, like "called", she covered up the "ed" sounded out "call" and then finished sounding out "called." I've done that for her before, but I'd never her seen her do that on her own! She got mostly through her book before she was tired of it; I was so proud of her, I didn't mind that she didn't feel like doing the last page or two. She helped me stir brownies, and then went to play with Sam while I finished cleaning the kitchen. I got the kids in their pj's, and then read books to them at the kitchen table while they ate their brownies. Then they brushed their teeth. Seth came home, we said prayers and they went to bed. Aubrey cried, because she was scared. We left the hall light on and cracked her door open, we said another prayer and sang a song. She was better.
Seth did some work on his computer while I made a weekly meal plan. Seth had created this amazing chart to help him save time on future equations at work (or something like that). If we printed it off, it would be about a 3'x5' poster! He wants to add to it too! He's so amazing! I'm so proud of him!
We visited for a bit, and went to bed.
And that was my wonderful day!

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