Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hike to Igloos

Last night for FHE, we went on a hike on a nearby trail. Mel, Ben, and Doug Graff took us up the mountain a little ways to where the Fox Creek scout's igloos were. We got all bundled up in warm clothes. Sam was in his blue pooffy snow-suit, and was squished into the baby-carrier in front of Dad. It was so cute! On the way up, we could look out across Davis County. We had Perfect timing to see a gorgeous sunset! The Great Salt Lake was like a glass mirror, reflecting the mountains, and the colors of the Sunset. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! We continued the hike up. Aubrey rode on Mel's shoulders most of the way.
We went off trail a bit, and found one igloo that had already been caved in and melted. We went up a little steeper and found two more igloos. Aubrey was having a great time! She was really tough, and hiked up the steep part. Okay, I ended up carrying her for part of it, but I was still proud of her for toughing it out for a while. She thought the igloos were so cool! Sam was not having very much fun at this point. I think he was sick of the baby-carrier, and freaked out by the igloos! We didn't stay too long.
Seth went ahead of us and got Sam back down the mountain. I guess Sam was happy on the hike down until Seth got to the parking lot and slipped on some ice. Seth was able to twist and fall on his backpack instead of Sam, but Sam got scared still. Poor kid; he didn't like the whole trip that much.
Aubrey, on the other hand, was having a great time! She sad on a snowboard with Doug, and rode down with him most of the way! Her job was to hold the flashlight as they rode down, as it was dark by this time. She also got a shoulder ride from Doug part of the way too. Aubrey is always up for an adventure! I love that about her!
It was good exercise and family outing.

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