Friday, June 3, 2011

These last few months I've been feeling pretty blue. I thought it might be due to the weather or maybe a deficiency of some kind. I went to a chiropractor, did blood tests by a family doctor, and went down to St. George to see Graff. They all had ideas that they thought would be helpful, but I wasn't so sure. Graff was the most helpful. THese last couple days I've complained to Seth about being a stay-at-home mom. I know it's what I'm supposed to do, but I'm just bored. I was doing the dishes last night and was thinking and praying about it. I felt embarrassed that I turned to facebook for answers. The thought came to be that I need to be writing down what I'm doing. Journaling would help me appreciate this time and feel more gratitude for what I have.
Yesturday, I got up at 6:30 and did my resistance-band workout video. I like to do meditation at the end of my workout, but it's about that time that Aubrey and Sam wake up. Aubrey goes to the kitchen table where we have our notebook laptop. She knows how to get to Netflix and start a video on her own. Her favorite latest show is "Wonder Pets". She likes any show where they save animals. So I went and got Sam, got him some milk, and put him next to Aubrey so they could watch the show together while I showered. When I came back they smiled at me with mouths full of graham crackers they had helped themselves to. They love being independent. Aubrey proudly announced that she ate a healthy banana before eating the graham crackers. We finished up breakfast.
Next I think I had them play together while I played poppit on the computer. I should probably get addicted to journaling instead of poppit, but I kept beating my score, and popping ballooons is just so fun!...
Anyway, at some point, we practiced some trial lessons on the k12 website. They are actually really fun and Aubrey liked it. We learned about life at a pond, and a little about the Wright bothers and made a colorful paper airplane. I think Aubrey is going to like science the best. She loves learning about animals, her body, planets, etc. The Wright brothers lesson was fun, but something tells me that was the most fun history lesson. I think this year, I want to use history lessons from my Kimber book. I didn't get good reviews from other partents on the music corriculum, so I'm trying to decide what to do for Aubrey as far as music lessons. She loves to color and do art projects, but I think we'll still do things like that without the art curriculum or join other families for those activities. So, when k12 calls me to choose the 3 subjects for Aubrey's school, I'll choose math, language arts and science. Then she'll be in gymnastics, soccer, and music lessons. Dance crossed my mind to, but she's not that into it right now, and we probably can't afford that much.
We had lunch, and went outside. Sam pushed around a stroller. Aubrey was determined to ride her two-wheeled-no-training-wheels bike all by herself. I went to help her, and she said, "NO Mom! I can do it myself!" She really did learn how to go by herself, at least, she kept getting betther at it! She would ride around the col-di-sac, and then stop on the grass where she can slow down and get off safely. She really has amazed me with how quickly she picked up riding without training wheels.
Our next door neighbor, Jeffrey, came to play too. The kids played in the back yard, went down slides and swang. Sam really likes to climb the ladders, go down the slide, and get pushed in the swing. Aubrey used the big pieces of bark coming off the old, dead tree to build a sandbox. I also ended up watching Esme for a little bit too. They also played inside for a little bit, and I played poppit some more. We had dinner, seth went to soccer games. Then we had reading time and put the kids to bed. Aubrey really is getting good at reading; she certainly has room to grow, but she's making steady progress as long as we keep working on it. She did earn her trip to Chuck-E-Cheese, and now she's working on a trip to a bouncy house.
Aubrey has been difficult lately as far as being really argumentative. It doesn't matter what I ask her to do, she'll give me some excuse not to do it. She has her moments of being helpful, but most the time, it's just talking back. Today, I also took some time to set up a video I recorded of her dance class, so she could practice her routine that she is performing soon. At first, she just whined and complained that I was making her do this! "What?!" I thought, "This was supposed to be something really fun?!" It got so bad that I put her in a time where she had to stay there until she was ready to dance with a good attitude. Good greif! I need to figure out how to deal with the whiny, talk-back crap.
Sam and Aubre are such different kids. The other day we went to the castle park. Aubrey explored every inch of that park, and played all over it! If she made a new friend, then she might stay in one area (the sand box tends to be her favorite) for a while. I tried to show Sam around the park; I guess I thought he'd like to see his options, or I was chasing down Aubrey or something. I guess I like to see it all too. But Sam didn't like that. He just got to the first place that seemed like a fun place to play, and he wanted to stay there. He was angry when I would try to take him to a different fun place to play; he already had a fun place to play and didn't want to leave the one he had.
Even comparing them as toddlers is so different! Aubrey had to dump out EVERYTHING! Every toy, every box every area of the house needed to be explored and emptied. She is STILL that way! Sam just needs a car. If a car isn't around, he'll use his finger or something else handy to make car sounds and glide around the floor or other surface. That's it. If he thinks you're trying to take his car, he'll yell, "That's MY!" and put on his angry face.
I think the kids are awake now. Aubrey has a play-date with Emma Prinster this morning, and she needs to clean up her messes before she can go. Time to start another day!

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