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Monday, June 20, 2011

I love my kids so much! They are so cute! Today was the first day of 4 weeks of swim lessons. Of course, they were both so excited! As we walked into the Clearfield Aquatic Center, Sam said, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" which actually sounds kind of like "Chank Choo." He was pretty upset that we couldn't get directly into the pool and had to wait on the bleachers for instructions. He figured out that we'd have to wait. Aubrey was called to her class, and then Sam and I went to join the mommy-and-me class. If Sam could say, "FINALLY!" he would've! But again, he had to sit on the side of the pool until we were instructed to get in. He kicked the water and did everything he could to get in! Once we were in, he knew what to do; he kicked and splashed and loved it! He did well with everything except floating. i'm going to see if he does better with a swim cap on. Aubrey also did well, and was proud of the ice-cream-scoop arms she learned. Both kids wanted to stay for more, but I didn't think we could. Apparently, we can for free! I'm excited to pack a lunch on another day, and we'll just hang out at the pool all day!
We came home and got some things done while Sam took a nap.
Aubrey filled up another reading chart over the weekend, so for FHE we went to the Classic Fun Center. We let the kids play on the pirates cove climbing area and the bouncy house stuff. Holy Cow did the kids go crazy! They ran and bounced and slid all around, non-stop the whole time! It was let-loose-and-be-a-KID time! Sometimes they chose to play on different things, but it was really cute when Sam and Aubrey played together. Aubrey took him all around the pirates cove, and he was so good to follow her instructions. Both of them are so adventurous, and willing to try new things; I just LOVE that about them!
Yesturday was Father's day. Seth has had another LONG week at work. He worked 33 hours straight from Monday morning through Tues evening then continued to work a regular week from there. I tried to let him relax when I could, but the kids wanted to be with him, and he had to try out his Father's day present! We gave him his present on Saturday: battery-opperated trimmer and blower. He mowed the lawn and trimmed a bit. The blower was light enough that Aubrey did that part. :) On Sunday we slept in and missed Sacrament meeting and went to Mom's house for dinner. Aubrey sang, "Daddy's Homecoming" to Seth. She also have him lots of artwork.
This past week I practiced the piano a lot. Clarissa Lunt and I had been working on a viola piece that she wanted to perform. We put together a recital which ended up including Clarissa (viola), her friend, Ben (french horn), Gabriel Gutierrez (flute), and Liz Griggs piano. Gabriel is an aquatance of mine and Liz is my step-cousin. We didn't have a big crowd, but it was still nice just to play for each other and family; it's always good to perform as much as you can. I got in touch with Ben (french horn) last Monday, and worked hard all week to have his piece ready on Saturday.
I was pretty happy with how well it turned out. A couple hours after that recital, we went to the concert on the lawn at the Graffs house. This is our neighborhood talent show that is SO FUN! Aubrey sang in the neighborhood choir that Kimberly Graff organized. She sang, "I Won't Grow Up!" From the Peter Pan play. I played "Maple Leaf Rag" and Aubrey ended up dancing around on the "stage" as I played.
Last weekend, Sheila took Aubrey and I to the Peter Pan play at Weber State. It was put on by a community group with lots of kids and was so well done! Aubrey and I loved it! It turned out to be a great coincidence that Aubrey was learning a song from that play for the Concert on the Lawn. That was fun for her to see it perfomed live in the play. It was cute to have her whisper comments and questions to me during the play. For example, "Mom, they are not really flying..." or "Is Captain Hook a real bad guy? I mean that man on stage; is he really a bad guy?" Or when she'd notice the stage crew changing scenes and things. She really got into the story too.
A couple weeks ago, Aubrey had her dance recital. We had a dress rehearsal the day before. Her friend, Alana Bullock, dances at the same studio. Aubrey loved watching Alaina dance. After the rehearsal Aubrey said, "Mom, I wish I could dance like Alaina." She also went up to her and said, "I watched you do a good job!" Aubrey had so much fun performing the next night; no stage fright for this girl! She rocked out! Then she waited patiently through a long recital to finally watch Alaina dance, and had fun cheering for her friend! At the end of the show, the dancers went back on the stage to just dance around to music for a final number. This was sprung on Aubrey the last minute; I told her what to do, she said, "Okay," and off she went! She got on stage, and had a blast! She jumped around and twirled and bounced and just went with the music! It was SO awesome!
I hope Aubrey is always like this. Something that I just LOVE about my daughter is that she trusts me and is willing to follow my instructions. There's just no fear. When it comes to giving a talk, singing, dancing, making friends, riding a bike, taking on a new challenge or handling a new situation, I know that if I give her concrete instructions, she will trust and follow them. She turns out successful, and then we celebrate! I can't wait to see what she accomplishes; I just know that she has amazing potential. I pray all the time that Heavenly Father will guide me to help her find and reach that incredible potential that is in her. It's exciting for me, and also such a huge responsibility. She is amazing.
Something that I think a lot about is how to help my kids reach their potential. Is it better to try a lot of different things or pick one or two things and be REALLY good at just those things. At what point do a push and when do I back off? Am I being open to all their talents or are my own biases limiting them? Anyway, I'm sure it will be an issue I constanly pray about. For now, it's bed time. Good night.

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